Mr. Pisa (senorpisa) wrote,
Mr. Pisa

What is going on here

So I have managed to find some time to set aside to do a brief update. And here it is.


Still same 10 hour days, 6 days a week. Even though I am full time now, I still work with the cut-throat Temp/contractor mentality. Work harder than the rest, suck up any opportunity to learn something new. Do the work the other people that have become comfortable with their jobs won't do. I'm surprised the other couple people that have made the switch from temp to full time have become cozy with what they have, and for that their heads are already on the chopping block.

Even I still don't feel safe.

And as for women. Still the same see you one week, don't see you for a month. As far as the mountain climber, I think I pretty much cut ties when she invited me to her company holiday party, and the last minute I bowed out. She wasn't too understanding at the situation I was in.

Then I have put myself in another "Alex, you KNOW you know better to be doing this..." "Conscious, shut up, I am going to do it because I can" situations.

Now I am trying to McGuyver my way out of this situation using only a paper clip, some toilet paper, and Mentos. Because after this I will have to wipe up a lot of shit once it hits the fan.

And her, the one I have been fighting so long to get out of my brain, has entered it yet again. And I miss her terribly.
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