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Mr. Pisa's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Mr. Pisa

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[04 Jan 2016|01:16pm]
Hello LJ,

Another year gone by. Another really good year, at that. Seems like a complete turn around from 2014. I am so glad to be out of Wellpoint and back at Amgen. Finally made the switch from Contractor to full time, and I am loving the new group that I am working in.

I'm feeling like I am starting to become the grown up I have been fighting so hard to be. I officially became a homeowner mid-year. The house my grandmother bought and owned for over 50 years. A 1940's California Bungalow style home which is rented to my late grandmother's tenants. A house I grew up in and spent a good time of my childhood at.

I have a really good feeling about 2016.
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[17 Sep 2014|04:04am]
Most people miss their whole lives, you know. Listen, life isn’t when you are standing on top of a mountain looking at a sunset. Life isn’t waiting at the altar or the moment your child is born or that time you were swimming in a deep water and a dolphin came up alongside you. These are fragments. Ten or twelve grains of sand spread throughout your entire existence. These are not life. Life is brushing your teeth or making a sandwich or watching the news or waiting for the bus. Or walking. Every day, thousands of tiny events happen and if you’re not watching, if you’re not careful, if you don’t capture them and make them count, you could miss it.

You could miss your whole life.

Toni Jordan
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A new chapter [05 Sep 2014|02:03pm]

HI Alejandro,

Thank you for emailing. I spoke to the Hiring manager yesterday and I am working with whom I have been provided names for on our end to extend the offer to you and get you in as a temp without further interviews. I am not familiar with background checks and etc. that need to be done as I have not on-boarded a temp before. Perhaps if you reach out to your recruiter they can reach out from their end to their point of contact.

Kind Regards,

M W | Senior Executive Assistant |

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[03 Aug 2014|05:40am]
this is where I have been.

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Hard to Find [26 Aug 2013|05:17pm]
I can see the glowing lights
I can see them every night
Really not that far away
I could be there in a day

I wonder if you live there still
I kinda think you always will
If I tried you'd probably be
Hard to find

What I feel now about you then
I'm just glad I can explain
You're beautiful and close and young
In those ways we were the same

There's a lot I've not forgotten
I let go of other things
If I tried they'd probably be
Hard to find

They can all
Just kiss off into the air
They can all
Just kiss off into the air

I don't know why we had to lose
The ones who took so little space
They're still waiting for the east
To cover what we can't erase

I'm not holding out for you
I'm still watching for the signs
If I tried you'd probably be
Hard to find

They can all
Just kiss off into the air
They can all
Just kiss off into the air
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I guess some things never change [07 May 2013|09:08pm]
I was looking through and old post submitted a few years back and if I were to answer it again now, it would be exactly the same answers. Enjoy


Mr. Pisa (senorpisa) wrote,
2005-07-15 13:48:00 Previous Memorize Share Next I'm it ruthviola
Post five things you enjoy, when no one's around and you want to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Post it to your journal, then tag 5 others and ask them to post it to theirs.

1. Laying in bed while listening to spacey music

2. Sitting on the beach staring out over the ocean at night watching for falling stars

3. Not doing these survey things

4. Taking a giant dump and only having to wipe once

5. Sex. Lots of sex. With my hand.
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Daily Routines [06 May 2013|10:42pm]
4:15 a.m. - Alarm goes off. Right now the alarm tone is called Seaside. It actually gently goes off around 4:13, and since I am such a light sleeper, my day begins then.

Jack, my Australian Cattle Dog wakes up along with me as well. He lazily sits up, stretches, and clumsily falls backward onto my chest so that I may pet him for a few minutes.

4:20 a.m. - Jump in the shower for a few minutes, depending on how cold or sore I am. Scrub hair, the pits and the slits, then jump out and towel dry off.

4:30 - 4:45 a.m. - Feed Jack a cup of dry dog food with a little bit of wet dog food. Fill up his water bowl, and place him outside.

5 a.m. - Head out for work. Depending if I want coffee bean or not, I will usually take Ventura road to the freeway.

5:30 a.m. - clock into work, check emails, stare at phone for a while. Eat some yogurt with granola, or oatmeal, then begin work.

8:45 a.m. - first break. I usually walk down to the first floor to say hi to my cousin or Nicole. Try not to get caught staring at her cleavage.

10 a.m. - Lunch. I usually will walk to D'Mungeons and pick up a sandwich and walk back to work, or I will sit in my car and rest my eyes for a bit and try to think about nothing.

1 p.m. - Second break. most of the time these are spent in the bathroom.

2:30 p.m. - End work. Most days I drive home with the radio off and try to detox from dealing with work issues.

3 p.m. - get home and nap. This is most likely my favorite part of my day.

6 - 7 p.m. - Wake up from nap and interact with my sister and my nephew. Watch a few movies, have a glass of wine or a few beers, and let Jack in and either feed him a few snacks or play fetch and let him rest in my room.

Lately I haven't been sitting on the computer at home much, since I do that all day at work. I've also been using my phone less and less.

I will usually go to bed past 11, wake up multiple times during the night, then start all over again.
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[18 Apr 2013|10:21pm]
Testing for another promotion within a year. You quickly see those who are genuinely on your side, and those who want to see you fail. It is surprising how close the ones are that want to see you fail.

Wait scratch that. This is not surprising.
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[09 Mar 2013|01:08am]
I'm trying my best to be of no mind, no reaction, no feeling.

When I get no appreciation, it is difficult to detach my thoughts.
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[01 Dec 2012|07:57pm]
Sometimes I spend so much time trying to understand myself that I forget about everyone else.
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[16 Aug 2012|09:59pm]
Things are really picking up at work. Promotion, raise, and now off to Indianapolis for work. That is just about where they good things end. Relationships are almost non existent, with family and girls. Mostly my choosing. I prefer being like this than dealing with peoples issues.

I am beginning to feel I was born to be alone. That is how I came into this world afterall
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[18 Jul 2012|12:07am]
Quick update:

Got a promotion at work. Still dating on and off. I'm a Godfather now. Still not talking to David. He still has major issues I am praying he works out. Until then I am not trying to contact him.

Work is getting busier, a lot more stressful than I feel it needs to be, and very high school clique-ish. I feel that others feel threatened by my work ethic and feel like I am trying to take their positions, which is far from the case. I just want our department to do better so that way we all have jobs in 2013. They have let go every other department in our building, so what makes them think we are immune?
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[27 Jun 2012|12:35am]
Where has everyone gone?

It has been well over a month and I have been back to my mom's house once, probably for just under 5 minutes.

After that fight with my brother a rash of bad things occured. My car broke down, my hand was mauled by a dog, and for a moment I felt useless.

But I was reading a book written by Shawn Green, formerly of the LA Dodgers, and a quote hit me really hard

"If one stranger’s opinion could actually change my stress level, anger level, and overall well-being, then who was actually at the controls of my life?"

Not only opinion, but action seemed to affect me in a negative way. I needed to flush this negativiy out of me. I needed to seperate myself from the black cloud that was putting me in the bad place I was in, and the darker place I was headed.

As painful as it is to be away from my family who I have cherished, stuggled, and worked with so hard to keep the bond we have together. I had to seperate. So far things have been well.

There may be bad things formulating around me to try to knock me down. But I've been through worse. I will rebound. I will be ready for the next punch.
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[20 May 2012|10:14pm]
I am still alive. Had a strange weekend. A girl travels several hours just to let me know she is seeing someone else. I blame myself. For being so distant with people. This is hard.

I got into a really intense fight with David and his Girlfriend. I ended up throwing them both like ragdolls. I am upset with myself for that. I should know better. I should have reacted better. But I am in a hole.

This is the most lonely I have ever felt.
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Goodbye, Lonesome [11 Apr 2012|06:47pm]

Next Friday I get to see this. I also get to see Marissa again. I've already dropped too much money not to go.

I'm also going Wednesday to go see these guys in Pomona, then Thursday try to go to Lotus Land in Montecito with my sister and her boyfriend, who out of all her boyfriends, don't want to Papier-mâché his nugget and use as a piñata. He actually respects her and treats her the way she should be treated.

Then off to SF to go see Godspeed, might catch an A's game and pick up a Rollie Fingers bobblehead, then come home.
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[11 Apr 2012|03:26am]
I get a chance to hear the rain fall this morning.
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What is going on here [17 Jan 2012|11:49pm]
So I have managed to find some time to set aside to do a brief update. And here it is.


Still same 10 hour days, 6 days a week. Even though I am full time now, I still work with the cut-throat Temp/contractor mentality. Work harder than the rest, suck up any opportunity to learn something new. Do the work the other people that have become comfortable with their jobs won't do. I'm surprised the other couple people that have made the switch from temp to full time have become cozy with what they have, and for that their heads are already on the chopping block.

Even I still don't feel safe.

And as for women. Still the same see you one week, don't see you for a month. As far as the mountain climber, I think I pretty much cut ties when she invited me to her company holiday party, and the last minute I bowed out. She wasn't too understanding at the situation I was in.

Then I have put myself in another "Alex, you KNOW you know better to be doing this..." "Conscious, shut up, I am going to do it because I can" situations.

Now I am trying to McGuyver my way out of this situation using only a paper clip, some toilet paper, and Mentos. Because after this I will have to wipe up a lot of shit once it hits the fan.

And her, the one I have been fighting so long to get out of my brain, has entered it yet again. And I miss her terribly.
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And like that [27 Sep 2011|06:50pm]
Love and relationships seem like a distant memory. But for now I am fine with that. I find it strange that I go for months without really interacting with someone, then in one week a flood of past people show up and just as fast disappear again. Maybe it is less than just them disappearing, more of my lack of response afterwards.

Hung out with Amgen girl. She is the probably the closest at understanding my behavior, and in that attempts to mirror it. But her constant need to pick apart the meaning behind everything I do and say wears me out.

Then there is D. She Lives a few hours away, and seems to come out every other month On weekends where she is not up at Banner Peak, atop San Jacinto or San Gorgonio or Whitney. All that hiking has given her a killer pair of legs. But I feel like our relationship is more the Benjamin Braddock/Mrs. Robinson type of relationship. Clothes off, into bed, sex, then gone back to her life.

I am set to move once again. Part of me is frustrated, but glad to be out of that place. Too far of a drive to work, and in the middle of nowhere. This time where to?
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Hello Journalordians [26 Jul 2011|07:53pm]
Long time no post. Where to begin?

I finally got hired on full time at Wellpoint. So I guess that means that makes me a winner of "Office Survivor". Work has been extremely busy. 10 hour days, 6 days a week, and what's scary is that we haven't even started our "busy" period.

I am not complaining though. I am very happy to finally not be a contractor after almost 6 years. I am really looking forward to paid time off and paid holidays. I am going to totally make my first PTO day worth it.

I ended up moving, again. Now I am living even closer to the beach, in Port Hueneme. My old roommate and I were just not clicking. He was out of work, not really looking for a job, and ALWAYS laying on the couch.

It got to the point where he would complain if someone stayed the night and slept on it (1 night) that it would stink. He didn't really take into consideration it was his stench.

Then one night he decides to come home with friends at 3 a.m., drunk, then let his friends use my shower as a sex stall. Soon after that I was out.

Well, that is all that I have for now. Time to eat dinner. Pesto pizza is calling out to my belly.

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[14 Mar 2011|03:14am]
Work has, in my mind, become a reality show like atmosphere. In my head the show is called "Office Survivor". Every week someone must leave the show. Coworkers grouping together to align forces to prevent themselves from being the next to leave.

Two weeks ago they moved a departments operations to Wisconsin, which sent over 100 people to the unemployment line. Last week, my friend Sugeim.

It is hard to believe in the few short months I have been here, that I have outlasted most of the other staff, including our director. Even with the "sink or swim" type of training I've been given, that I am still here.

That being said, I have taken it upon myself to leave. My recruiter said there are 2 spots for me to apply for back at Amgen. We'll see where it goes from here.

Sunday morning was odd. I recieved a phone call early in the morning from Dad. I haven't really heard from him in a couple of months.

Dad - "Hey, I am just returning your phone call."

Me(laughing) - "From when? 1995?"

Dad - "What?! You didn't call me? Hold on I have another call... I will call you back."
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