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And like that

Love and relationships seem like a distant memory. But for now I am fine with that. I find it strange that I go for months without really interacting with someone, then in one week a flood of past people show up and just as fast disappear again. Maybe it is less than just them disappearing, more of my lack of response afterwards.

Hung out with Amgen girl. She is the probably the closest at understanding my behavior, and in that attempts to mirror it. But her constant need to pick apart the meaning behind everything I do and say wears me out.

Then there is D. She Lives a few hours away, and seems to come out every other month On weekends where she is not up at Banner Peak, atop San Jacinto or San Gorgonio or Whitney. All that hiking has given her a killer pair of legs. But I feel like our relationship is more the Benjamin Braddock/Mrs. Robinson type of relationship. Clothes off, into bed, sex, then gone back to her life.

I am set to move once again. Part of me is frustrated, but glad to be out of that place. Too far of a drive to work, and in the middle of nowhere. This time where to?
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